Our blends are elaborated with the best ingredients into market. Complete solutions for you to innovate your line of products.


Blends of animal protein and/or vegetal protein. Phosphates, thickeners and maltodextrins can be added in order to be used in the preparation of emulsified or injected meat products.


  • Give better flavor and texture to products;

  • Helps stability of emulsion;

  • increases the yield of process;

  • Can be used as a fat substitute;

  • Improve the nutritional quality of food.


The line Max Pronto is composed of blends containing all ingredients needed for the preparation of a wide variety of meat products.


  • Max Pronto Meat Balls;

  • Max Pronto Bird Cuts;

  • Max Pronto Bovine Cuts;

  • Max Pronto Caprine Cuts;

  • Max Pronto Hamburger;

  • Max Pronto Fresh Sausages;

  • Max Pronto Smoked Loin;

  • Max Pronto Mortadella;

  • Max Pronto Ham;

  • Max Pronto Fried Meat Balls;

  • Max Pronto Salsicha;

  • Max Pronto breaded.


Functional blends containing additives and flavorings for applications in various meat products. New Mix Line carries the main ingredients concentrated in low-dosage applications in order to simplify the meat processors' daily routine.


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