The preservation of the environment is part of the values of New Max Industrial and is present in all its actions, with the objective of raising awareness of employees, partners, customers and society.

A fundamental conviction that bases our existence on society, the market and the ecosystem.

Sustainability is the existential principle that directs our development plans, our production techniques, our methods of growth and our tactics of action to the market, society and the environment. At New Max Industrial, we lead development and production processes according to the good use of goods coming from nature, and always focusing on the rational use and reuse of the raw material. We offer, always thinking about the well-being of our employees, health benefits, financial incentives and attention, care and zeal with a healthy and balanced daily diet for those who, day after day, makes our company a success.

We are committed to improving all lives and building a more sustainable system.

For New Max Industrial, the efficient use of natural resources and the preservation of the environment are fundamental to the business and to its sustainable growth. For this, the company has defined goals and objectives in each of its areas.


New Max Industrial Quality Management

New Max Industrial uses a Quality Management System aiming at the satisfaction of its customers, continuous improvement of its processes and products, compliance with legislation relevant to the company's business and, consequently, obtaining excellent results.


To ensure food safety, the company applies the following Quality Programs:

> 5S's Program: The objective is to improve aspects such as organization, cleaning and standardization, to achieve continuous improvement towards the total quality of the company's processes and products.

> Good Manufacturing Practices: The purpose of establishing Good Manufacturing Practices standards at New Max Industrial is to add quality to the products and ensure safety to consumers through the integrity of the physical-chemical and sensory characteristics of food.

As an integral part of its Quality System, the company has its own large laboratory, qualified for testing and classification of products, in order to guarantee a higher quality of its products. In addition to its commitment to quality, it has ISO 9001, Kosher and Halal certifications issued by competent and international bodies.


New Max Industrial is seeking to begin the application of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system to improve the quality control of its processes.


Consequently, the intended result is the implementation of international standards such as ISO 22000: 2005, for the improvement and continuous updating of the Food Safety Management System at New Max Industrial.

Kosher Certification

The kosher Certificate is a document issued to attest that our products conform to the specific norms governing the orthodox Jewish diet. It is globally recognized and attributed as synonymous with maximum quality control. The process for issuing a Kosher Certificate depends on the collaboration and full transparency of the information that will be exchanged between the two companies: the company that manufactures the product and the Jewish entity that will issue the document.

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